Server Rates
Xp : 3000x
Sp : 3000x
Drop : 1x
RB Drop : 1x
Adena : 3000x
Enchant Rates Safe Enchant : +4
Weapon - Armor - Jewelery
Normal Enchant Max : +16
Scrolls of Enchantment
Normal Enchant Weapon : 70%
Blessed Enchant Weapon : 100% till +12
Crystal Enchant Weapon : 80% from +12 to +16
Normal Enchant Armor : 70%
Blessed Enchant Armor : 100% till +12
Crystal Enchant Armor : 80% from +12 to +16

Lifestone Chances
High Grade Lifestone : 10%
Top Grade Lifestone : 15%
You can have 1 Active OR 1 Passive Skill

L2Insane Commands
.online (Shows Online Players.)
.info (Shows Server Information.)
.menu (Shows you basic informations.)
.event (Event information appears)

Special Features

- Custom Raidbosses
We have added Over 10 different raidbosses.
Over 5 Bosses (Custom) || Respawn: 2-3 Hours
    Drops: Farm Items,Clan Rep. Items,Crystal Scrolls,Top Lifestones

Epic Bosses(Zaken,Queen ant and so on.)|| Respawn: 2 Hours
    Drops: Epic Jewel,Crystal Scrolls,Top Lifestones,Clan Rep. Items

Hero-Raidboss (Flag Zone) || Respawn: 6 Hours
    Drops: ,Giants Codex,Farm Coin,Crystal Scrolls,1-2 Hero Coins,each coin lasts until character's restart.

The last one is really special, in order to kill this RB you need to be In a Party.
Whats the drop of the Party Boss?
Party Boss May drop: Crystal Scrolls,Any Epic jewel,Top LS,Farm Items,Giants codex,Clan Rep Item And more.

- Noblesse System
There are two different ways to become noblesse.
First way is by Buying the Nobless Coin for Vote Items. Second way is by Buying The Nobless Coin for Event Items.

- PvP System
We've made two different areas becuase we wanted to create a pvp system that's fair for both solo players and clan members.
The first area is Only for solo players BISHOPS NOT allowed there.
The second area is clearly for a mass pvp (Bishops allowed)

- Epic Raidbosses
We have raidboss jewels in shop that are sellable for Vote Crystals but we've also added the raidbosses for more pvp. If you cant afford to buy Raidboss jewels from Shop, you can kill them and get rewarded with a jewel.

- Farm Areas
Safe Farm: 1 Farm Area
Farm Area: 3 Farm Areas

Additional Information
- Auto-Learn Skills
- Anti-buff Shield
- Balanced Classes
- Wedding System
- Clan Hall System
- Castle Siege System
- Clan Penalty : OFF
- Weight Penalty : OFF
- Armor Penalty : ON
- Weapon Penalty : ON
- New characters start with 1kkk adena
- Subclass w/o Quest
- Max Subclasses = 3
- Max Subclass level = 80
- There can be 2 Clans in 1 Alliance
- All Noblesse Skills
- All Hero Skills
- You have hero skills in subclass
- All Augmentation Skills
- All Flood protections
- Every Buff / Dance / Song / Chant Lasts 3 Hours
- C4 / C5 / Interlude Skills
- Interlude Skills 99% Working
- All C4 / C5 / Interlude Monsters
- All C4 / C5 / Interlude Locations
- Unstuck Command lasts 30 seconds

Olympiad Information
Olympiad Starts: 18:00 (GMT+2)
Olympiad Ends: 00:00 (GMT+2)
Hero Changes: Every Week
Olympiad points have to be exchanged on Sunday
Hero Status can be retrieved from Monument of Heroes.

Custom NPCs
- GM Shop
- Buffer
- Gatekeeper
- Augmenter
- Skill Enchanter
- Clan Manager
- Boss Manager
- Boss Gatekeeper
- Account Manager
- Warehouse Keeper
- Symbol Maker
- Wedding Manager
- Castle Manager
- Village Master
- Top List Manager
- Vote Manager
- Class Manager
- Server Info
- Casino Manager


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